Contacta Securicom Through-Glass Speech Transfer Induction Loop Systems - Flush System

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The Securicom STS-K003L system provides a secure person-to-person, through-glass voice communication system with integrated induction loop. Flush-mounted microphone and loudspeaker. Finished in black or grey.

Contacta SecuriCom system enables clear voice communication between customers and service staff through glass security screens. Transactions can therefore be conducted efficiently and confidentially - without difficulty or delay - even in noisy environments. So business throughput and profitability can be maximised - and customer goodwill enhanced.

Every SecuriCom system uses the most advanced electronic circuitry. Its purpose-designed speaker and microphone modules ensure superb voice reproduction and reliable performance - year after year. Fitting is very straightforward, whether as part of a new build project or into existing counter facilities. Each system is stand-alone and individually plugged into the mains supply.

In use, it is hands-free for both staff and customer, and is designed to remain 'ON' continuously during service hours. Communication is fully 'duplex' so there is no clipping of speech.

To provide communication assistance for users of hearing aids, the STS-K003L system features an integrated induction loop facility which helps to support compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

The SecuriCom range is the product of Contacta's unrivalled experience and innovation in speech transfer technology for over 30 years.

STS-K003L Key Features:

  • Secure, confidential 2-way through-glass voice communication
  • For use in noisy environments which require communication privacy
  • Proximity microphones on both 'staff' and 'customer' side of screen
  • Optimal voice pick-up with minimum background noise
  • Easy installation: particularly suitable for retro-fitting
  • Integral induction loop facility
  • Full open duplex hands-free speech

This neat and unobtrustive intercoms system features a speaker and microphone installed within the counter surface on the 'customer' side of the screen. This provides a high quality aesthetic finish with excellent performance in low ambient noise environments. Ideal for Banks and building societies, Police stations, Benefit agencies, Post offices, Booking offices, Prisons and detention centres, Reception counters, Stations and airports, Hospitals and clinics

The Flush-mounted system comprises:

  • Twin-channel audio amplifier
  • Power supply unit
  • 'Staff Unit' module with combined speaker and microphone
  • 'Customer Unit' - One flush-mounted speaker - One flush-mounted microphone
  • Mute facility to ensure privacy

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