Euroscreen Thor Tab Tension Electric Projection Screen Widescreen 16:10 Format

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The Thor Tab Tension projection screen ranges from 250-440cm in width and comes equipped with several popular features. Key features include: An adjustable inner bracket to easily level the screen (not available on screens 350cm or over) and a sleek, stylish aluminium case. The tensioning function makes it possible to adjust the flatness of the surface and therefore provide a perfectly flat viewing surface for years to come.

A convenient inner bracket makes it easy to level the screen, keeping the surface flat and the bottom dowel even. As standard, wall brackets and flexible mounting brackets for ceiling installation are included. Optional recessed ceiling brackets are also available. The Thor case, finished in a contemporary white colour with matching aluminium bottom dowel, has a convenient wall channel-fixed fitting that cuts expensive installation time.

Available in a choice of the following surfaces.

Pliable matt white surface which provides excellent flat viewing area and superb colour rendition (colour temp. 6565 K). Full HD compliant. It diffuses projected light in all directions, so the image can be seen from any angle. Gain 1.0. Washable with mild dishwashing liquid diluted with warm water.

ReAct 3
The ReAct 3 is a superior screen surface, silver grey front projection surface with enhanced ambient light control. The structure and finish of the material boost colour contrast and black levels in the projected image (colour temp. 6508 K). At the same time it provides excellent viewing experience even with bright light in the audience area. And with a gain of 1.0 and a viewing angle of 76°, ReAct 3.0 offers universal ­benefits, and is an excellent choice for many AV ­installations. The material is equally suitable for conference rooms as for home theatres.

Please note: The Tab Tension surfaces are sensitive to heat and are not suitable as black-out, or sun protection. Do not install close to heat sources like radiators, amplifiers or turned on TV-sets. Screens with a height or width which exceeds 210cm may have a welded seam, please call for details.

Thor Tab Tension Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Tab Tension projection screen.
  • Provides a long lasting perfectly flat screen surface.
  • White aluminium case with channel-fixed installation.
  • Adjustable inner bracket to easily level the screen (not available on screens 350cm or over)
  • Easy adjustment at bottom bar
  • Choice of screen surface available
  • Bottom dowel from wall: 5-10 mm
  • Recommended control options: Control Box, AutoLink RF or RF remote control (see below for details) or contact us for details of IR controls
Screen Size (W x H) Viewing Area (W x H) Diagonal Case Size (L x W x H) Weight
250 x 180cm 240 x 150cm 111" 294 x 16 x 16cm 35kg
275 x 195cm 265 x 165.5cm 123" 319 x 16 x 16cm 37kg
300 x 210cm 290 x 181cm 135" 344 x 16 x 16cm 41kg
325 x 230cm 315 x 197cm 146" 369 x 16 x 16cm 43kg
350 x 245cm 340 x 212.5cm 158" 394 x 16 x 16cm 48kg
375 x 260cm 365 x 228cm 170" 419 x 16 x 16cm 54kg
400 x 275cm 390 x 244cm 181" 444 x 16 x 16cm 61kg
425 x 290cm 415 x 259cm 193" 469 x 16 x 16cm 65kg
440 x 305cm 430 x 269cm 200" 484 x16 x 16cm 71kg


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