Eyeline Pro Electric Projection Screen with IR Remote Control and 12V Trigger - Widescreen Format 16:10

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The Eyeline professional projection screen offers an amazing array of standard features at a class beating price. The screen comes as standard with infra-red (IR) remote control and IR extension cable in the event that the case sensor is obstructed. Integral 12v trigger with a 10m cable is supplied for connection to a projector so that the screen is operated when the projector is powered on/off. The RJ45 connectivity and cable enables the screen to be connected to a central control system such as AMX and Extron. Connectivity points are via the left hand end cap, a manual override button is also built in underneath the screen for fail safe operation if remote lost or dead battery.

The high quality heavy duty screen material provides a crisp flat surface for truly stunning projection. The view area is framed by 50mm crisp black borders to sides and base and an extended drop to the top, which enhance the image for truly stunning results. The heavy duty white powder coated aluminium case is easily mounted to a wall or ceiling using channel fix brackets. Suitable for both home and professional use, supplied with a 2.7m cable and plug for immediate use without the requirement for electrical installation.

Screen Case

  • Aluminium cased projection screen with white powder coat finish
  • Front facing infra red sensor built into the casing
  • Easy to install with channel fix brackets can position anywhere along the screen length
  • Connectivity via left hand end cap with cover plate if not used


  • Glass fibre matte white surface (1.0 gain) with crisp matte black borders
  • 50mm Black Borders on base, left and right sides
  • Black extended drops varying length due to model size
  • Four layer screen fabric prevents edge curl
  • Weighty slat bar ensures flat ripple free surface


  • Inbuilt infra red remote control with front facing sensor in screen case and hand held remote control
  • IR extension set included to position an additional IR sensor if screen case is installed in a ceiling recess or line of sight is obstructed by room features such as a coving or beam
  • 12v Trigger for automatic lowering and raising of the screen when connected to an applicable projector
  • 10m Cable set included
  • Manual override for fail safe use if IR remote lost or dead battery
  • RJ45 connection for screen control via system integration such as AMX


  • Tubular motor for fast and quiet operation with trouble free use
Screen Size (WxH) Viewing Area
Max. Drop Diagonal Case Size(LxDxH) Weight
180 x 117cm 170 x 107cm 197cm 79" 194.4 x 9.7 x 10.2cm 10.5kg
213 x 137cm 203 x 127cm 197cm 94" 227 x 9.7 x 10.2cm 11.8kg
244 x 156cm 234 x 146cm 196cm 109" 258 x 9.7 x 10.2cm 12.3kg
315 x 200.5cm 305 x 190.5cm 225.5cm 142" 329.7 x 9.7 x 10.2cm 26.2kg

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