Fixed Frame Vision Projector Screens - Rear Projection Widescreen 16:9 Format

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The Fixed frame vision projector screens for rear projection purposes are ideal for the home cinema enthusiast as well as for professional board room type installations.

Frame Vision puts equal tension on each part of the viewing surface, so it is perfectly smooth. The surface is stretched on a 10 cm wide aluminum frame that features an attractive black border, giving the screen a theatre-like appearance.

Vision is very quick and easy to assemble.

Available in the following surfaces.

FlexRear Surface
Neutral grey rear projection diffusing surface allows placement of projector behind the screen. Provides high resolution and excellent contrast even in ambient light.

Fixed Projector Screens Video Format - Rear Projection, Options:

Model Screen Size (W xH) Viewing Area (W x H) Diagonal Weight
VR160-W 180 x 110cm 160 x 90cm 72" 13kg
VR180-W 200 x 121cm 180 x 101cm 81" 15kg
VR200-W 220 x 132.5cm 200 x 112.5cm 90" 16kg
VR220-W 240 x 143.5cm 220 x 123.5cm 99" 18kg
VR250-W 270 x 160.5cm 250 x 140.5cm 113" 21kg
VR275-W 295 x 174.5cm 275 x 154.5cm 124" 23kg
VR300-W 320 x 189cm 300 x 169cm 135" 25kg
VR350-W 370 x 217cm 350 x 197cm 158" 30kg
VR400-W 420 x 245cm 400 x 225cm 181" 34kg

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