TOA A-2000 Series Mixer Amplifier

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The TOA A-2000 Series Mixer Power Amplifiers are designed to be highly cost effective solutions to the demands of PA applications. They offer high levels of performance and versatility and are especially well-suited for broadcasting
paging and supplying background music in schools,offices, shops, factories, mosques, churches, and large meeting rooms.

The A-2000 series makes available a wide range of power outputs (A-2030: 30W; A-2060: 60W; A-2120: 120W; A-2240: 240W), with a frequency response of 50 - 20,000 Hz and distortion under 1%.

Three balanced/ phone jack MIC inputs and two unbalanced/RCA pin jack AUX inputs, along with high and low impedance balanced (floating) speaker outputs and unbalanced REC outputs ensure operational versatility.

Phantom power and muting are available on MIC 1, along with tone control for bass and treble. Power, signal and peak indicators are provided. In addition, the P-2240
Booster Amplifier offers a means of increasing power amplification for system expansion through adding more speakers.

TOA A-2000 Series Key Features:

  • A full lineup of 2-unit size amplifiers offering a wide range of power outputs from 30W to 240W.
  • Scratch and fingerprint-resistant finish.
  • Easy and quick volume control with master volume knob.
  • Three electronically balanced microphone inputs, two AUX inputs and recording output.
  • Phantom power is provided to MIC 1, for supplying power
    to a condenser microphone.
  • Broad tone control adjustment range
Model Power
A2030 30W
A2060 60W
A2120 120W
A2240 240W

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