Clever Little Box TU-8A 8 Channel Digital Timer Unit

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The TU-8A is an 8-channel Digital Timer device, designed to provide programmed weekly event switching of 8 independent relay outputs, controlling devices such as bell timing, class change signal generators, shift start/stop tone generators, etc.

The TU-8A Digital Timer provides NO (Normal Open) or NC (Normal Closed) relay contacts to each of its 8 relay outputs and supports switching up to 64 events per day (32 On and 32 Off).

This compact, yet highly robust device is easy to programme and control and is ideal for education, industry and retail applications where the scheduled broadcast of tones, messages, alarms or recorded audio files/tracks is required on an ongoing, repetitious basis.

The TU-8A is ideal for use in conjunction with its partner product, the Clever Little Box LB-8A Digital Audio Storage and Replay Unit.

Further functions of this Digital Timer Unit include event manual override, DST (daylight saving time) compensation of spring / autumn time changes and clock tuning for maintaining accuracy of timer.

A clear blue LCD screen displays the Timer status as well as menu functions for programming and set-up. Push buttons control the user interface for programming and a row of 8 green LEDs provide a visual indication of when each relay is active. The relay outputs and power are connected via removable phoenix terminals which are housed under a removable security cover to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. Removable brackets allow the TU-8A Timer to be securely surface-mounted or installed within a PA rack.

TU-8A Key Features:

  • 7-day week event switching timer
  • 8 independent relay outputs
  • Normal Open (NO) or Normal Closed (NC) relay contacts
  • Supports up to 64 scheduled events per day (32 On and 32 Off)
  • Event manual override facility
  • Daylight saving time compensation
  • Clock tuning facility for time accuracy adjustment
  • Easy access phoenix connectors per relay output and power connectivity
  • Compact, robust steel case / Surface or rack mountable
  • Clear blue LCD display screen
  • 12v DC powered (plugtop PSU supplied with product)
  • On-board battery maintains time and program settings for approx. 7 days (in event of power loss)


  • Number of Output Channels: 8
  • Events per Day: 64 (32 On, 32 Off)
  • Schedule: 7-day week
  • Relay Rating: 12A @ 120v AC, 10A @ 240v AC/24v DC
  • Case Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Power: 12v DC (Mains plugtop PSU supplied)
  • Power-out Memory: Up to 7 days memory storage of time and program settings, via internal battery
  • Dimensions: 14(W) x 11(H) x 2.5(D)Cm
  • Weight: 0.52kg

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