Leader Tripod Projector Screens Square Format

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Rugged professional quality tripod screens with positive height adjustment, built in keystone correction arm and heavy duty tripod base for extra safety.

  • Variable format from square to video or widescreen by simply raising the case on the mast.
  • Integral Keystone eliminator for OHP use.
  • Positive lock height adjustment.
  • Durable Matte White material is washable.
  • Gain Factor 1.
  • 240cm version rotates on mast.
  • Black vertical borders, black case and top bar create a visual frame for your image.
Screen Size Viewing Area Case Dimensions (LxHxD) Diagonal Overall Height Weight
125 x 125cm 119 x 119cm 129 x 6 x 6cm 61" 193cm 8.5kg
150 x 150cm 144 x 144cm 154 x 6 x 6cm 74" 238cm 10kg
180 x 180cm 174 x 174cm 184 x 6 x 6cm 88" 268cm 12kg
200 x 200cm 194 x 194cm 204 x 7 x 7cm 98" 288cm 13.5kg
240 x 240cm 230 x 230cm 244 x 7 x 7cm 118" 308cm 18kg

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