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An impressive introduction to digital learning, the SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard offers natural touch functionality, which makes it easy for students and teachers to use and will help enable quick and successful adoption. Like all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, the 480 is part of a comprehensive solution that includes support, professional development, classroom content and a community of peers, so teachers feel comfortable using the 480 and integrating it into their teaching.

Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard connects to a projector to display a teacher's desktop on the interactive whiteboard. Teachers can then control applications on the screen, write notes in digital ink and save their work to share later. The 480 also comes with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which helps teachers to create, deliver and manage high-impact interactive lesson activities.

Touch is the key
The key to the SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard is touch. Teachers and students can write, erase, move objects and control applications using a finger or a pen.

And with the 480, delivering dynamic lessons is easy. Teachers can present material featuring large, vibrant images. Kinaesthetic and visual learners benefit from interacting with lesson content - moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with their fingers. And students with additional learning needs benefit by being able to see, read and manipulate information more easily.

Best-in-class resources
Discover free, ready-to-use educational resources on the SMART Exchange website. This vibrant online community makes it easy for teachers to quickly find, evaluate, download and share a variety of classroom-relevant content, including thousands of standards-correlated SMART Notebook lesson activities. Teachers can connect with colleagues in their authorities or around the globe to exchange lesson activities, ideas, insights and success stories.

Teachers can also add flexibility to lessons by using the 480 to access the Internet or integrate multimedia content. They can explore a website with their students, give a science presentation or take their class on a virtual field trip without ever leaving the interactive whiteboard. Because it works with a variety of multimedia content and file types, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard helps teachers to engage students by making learning more dynamic.

Touch functionality
Teachers and students can write, erase or perform mouse functions by touching the SMART Board interactive whiteboard with a finger or a pen - no proprietary tools are required.

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software included
SMART Board interactive whiteboards come with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lesson activities within a single application. The software puts instructional materials at teachers' fingertips and allows them to save any notes or content written during a lesson to share with students later on. Powerful and easy to use, SMART Notebook software enables teachers to readily deliver interactive lesson activities that keep students engaged and interested.

Save function
Teachers can capture work to SMART Notebook software as a screenshot they can edit, or save notes directly into several software applications, including Microsoft Windows versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel, as well as Adobe Acrobat and AutoCAD software.

Durable surface
The 480 has a hard-coated steel surface that is durable, optimized for projection, compatible with dry-erase markers and easily cleaned with whiteboard cleaner.

Wall mount or floor stand
The SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard can be installed simply and securely with the SMART Height Adjustable Wall Mount. Alternatively, the 480 can be used with a mobile floor stand, equipped with sturdy locking casters and stabilizing safety guards.

USB cables and extenders
The SMART Board interactive whiteboard can be connected to a computer with USB cables. The reach of a USB cable can be increased by up to 66' (20 m) with USB extenders.

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