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These VGA Signal Amplifiers and Splitters are designed for desktop use, supplied in a durable, compact metal housing. The VGA Amp's are independent of software and other than cables and Monitors, no additional hardware is required.

The splitters duplicate and boost the input signal to 2 (KVS-532), 4 (KVS-534) or 8 (KVS-538), VGA, SVGA or Multi-sync Monitors, with a signal rate of 350 Mhz for the KVS-532 & KVS-534 and 300 Mhz for the KVS-538.

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Key Features of VGA Amplifiers:

  • Compatible for use with VGA, SVGA and Multi-Sync Monitors.
  • Duplicate one signal input to multiple outputs.
  • Ability to be cascaded, increasing the total number of video outputs.
  • Effective transmission distance: 65 Mtrs. (210ft)*
  • Automatic power-save when signal is lost.
  • Clear Images.
  KVS-532 KVS-534 KVS-538
 Number of outputs 2 4 8
 Signal Bandwidth 350 Mhz 350 Mhz 300 Mhz
 Signal Type VGA, SVGA, Multi-sync
 Cable Length 55m (210ft) Max
 Connector - Input HD15 Male x 1
 Connector - Output HD15 Female x 2 HD15 Female x 4 HD15 Female x 8
 Enclosure Metal
 Weight 400g 428g 720g

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