ADR Cyclone CD/DVD Standalone Duplicator

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The ADR "Cyclone" CD/DVD-R duplicator is a fully automated, CD/DVD-R Duplication System. It comes with its own hard drive and up to 7 Pioneer A112, CD-R/DVD-R 16x/40x writers and a 600 disc magazine.

For bigger requirements of CD/DVD-R "on demand" there is no better solution as the ADR CD/DVD duplicator Cyclone with up to 7 CD/DVD writers (Pioneer A112) and integrated hard drive (160GB). With its patented industrial robotic this automatic CD/DVD duplicator eminently works authentic.

The Cyclone CD/DVD-duplicator can additionally be upgraded up to 10 drives and a 600 disc magazine.The ADR business philosophy guarantees modular conception for all systems.This guarantees a safe and riskless investment for the future.

The Cyclone CD/DVD Duplicator is very user-friendly and it takes about 10min. to explain its simplicity to anybody.
The standalone version comes with a LCD screen and works with a 2 button attendence and it works as simple as a regular copying machine.
This machine is an absolute standalone tower all it needs is a power-socket. No Pc needed. High performance by minimal usage. Thanks to the internal ADR-RISK Processor this machine works completely "standalone".

Key Features:

  • User-friendly, LCD-screen with a 2 button attendence
  • Upgradeable up to 10 drives
  • Internal 160 GB hard drive
  • Following functions available: CD/DVD-ROM to CD/DVD Image File.
  • CD/DVD Image File to CD/DVD duplicator
  • Batch Copy Mode
  • Minimal Service - no attendance needed
  • Professional Audio, Video and Data Duplication.
  • Verification with "low level compare" to assure that the copy is 100% correct
  • Available with up to 7 Drives, however printer only works with 6 drives. If you prefer a system with 6 drives and printer you should look at the Tornado Models.

ADR Systems are designed for 24h usage. The tough mechanic and the first class material treatment makes the ADR CD/DVD duplication robot one of the authentic Industrial machines worldwide. ADR duplicators are high quality machines manufactured in Germany.

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