ADR Hurricane CD/DVD Standalone Duplicator

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The ADR Hurricane standalone CD/DVD Duplicator comes with a 375 Disc magazine and up to 4 CD/DVD writers (standalone).

For bigger requirements of CD/DVD-R "on demand" there is no better solution as the ADR CD/DVD duplicator Hurricane with 2 CD/DVD writers (Pioneer A112) and integrated hard drive (160GB). With it`s patented industrial robotic this automatic CD/DVD duplicator eminently works authentic.

The Hurricane CD/DVD-duplicator can additionally be upgraded up to 10 drives and a 600 disc magazine.The ADR business philosophy guarantees modular conception for all systems.This guarantees a safe and riskless investment for the future.

Key Features:

  • The Hurricane CD/DVD Duplicator is very user-friendly and it takes about 10min. to explain it`s simplicity to anybody.
  • The standalone version comes with a LCD screen and works with a 2 button attendence and it works as simple as a regular copying machine.
  • Upgradeable up to 10 drives (6 drives with printer)
  • Internal 160 GB hard drive
  • Following functions available:
  • CD/DVD-ROM to CD/DVD Image File.
  • CD/DVD Image File to CD/DVD duplicator.
  • Batch Copy Mode
  • Minimal Service - no attendance needed.
  • Professional Audio, Video and Data Duplication.
  • Verification with "low level compare" to assure that the copy is 100% correct.

This machine is an absolute standalone tower all it needs is a power-socket. No PC needed. High performance by minimal usage. Thanks to the internal ADR-RISK Processor this machine works completely "standalone".

You can choose between 3 printers and CD/DVD print methods (inkjet, thermo and thermotransfer)The printer has to be ordered separately.

ADR Systems are designed for 24h usage. The tough mechanic and the first class material treatment makes the ADR CD/DVD duplication robot one of the authentic Industrial machines worldwide. ADR duplicators are high quality machines manufactured in Germany.

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