ADR SD Producer NG Standalone Duplicator

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The newest generation of ADR SD Flash Card Duplicators sets itself apart from the the competiton through excellent copy speeds and compatibility with all SD and MicroSD on the market. The NG series facilitates fast and accurate high-quantity reproduction of your Flash Cards. Data accuracy is ensured through the bit-by-bit "Copy & Compare" which checks the copied data for errors.

The new compact design not only has a smaller footprint but also increases the ease of Flash Card insertion and removal.
Make use of the extensive Flash Media quality check function to ensure that you are working with good batches of Flash Cards.
The new Quick Socket technology allows fast and easy replacement of individual worn or damaged sockets, increasing long term throughput significantly versus other models on the market.
All products of the NG Series are delivered with "PC-Link" software for optional operation via PC, real-time monitoring and log report generation to improve production management. For this purpose the SD Producer Flash Card Duplicators can be connected to a PC via USB. This way an array of information such as size of master and targets, writing speed, progress and many more is displayed on your PC screen. Please note that this feature is optional. No PC is required to operate the Flash Card Duplicator.

Simply insert the SD Card you wish to copy into the first port and place the desired number of blank SD Cards into the remaining free ports. Now hit "Copy" and that's it. Up to 55 copies (depending on your model) are created simultaneously.
ADR SD Producer NG Flash Duplicators use an internal multi-core processor and controller and therefore work completely autonomously, not requiring a PC to operate. All that's needed is a power supply.
Status messages as well as real-time information about your copy progress are displayed on the LCD display.
To ensure data accuracy, you can make use of the extensive bit-by-bit compare function.

ADR SD Producer NG Key Features:

  • Quick Data Copy - only copies the data portion of your Flash Card
  • Copy + Compare - compares the copied data to the master data after the copy process
  • Quality checking tool to determine the exact properties such as real capacity, reading and writing speed of your Flash Media
  • High data transfer spees of up to 1,5 GB/min
  • Supports DoD Erase function to comply with data sanitization standards of the US Department of Defense
  • Standalone device operating completely autonomously once power is supplied
  • User-friendly operationd and intuitive user interface with LCD Display and 4 buttons.
  • Quick Socket technology: easily replacable SD sockets
  • Compact Design with small footprint
  • Real-time information display on LCD
  • Supports all current data formats, sizes and capacities of SD and MicroSD media
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous copying


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