ADR SD Producer Standalone Duplicator

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The new ADR SD card duplicators are the ideal solution for fast and reliable replication of your SD cards.
The ADR SD duplicator is a standalone, high speed, high efficient duplicator which provides an easy copy solution. Supporting from 2 targets up to 55 targets to meet various kind of customer needs. The ADR Flash duplicator has abandoned the burden of PC and that is why it can offer you the best efficiency.
Based on the controller of the established Whirlwind CD Copytower series, this device was developed to be able to swiftly copy every SD card on the market.
MicroSD cards are also supported via the corresponding adapter MicroSD/SD adapter.

Simply insert the Master SD Card in the first port, place copy target SD Cards in as many free slots as you wish and press "Copy".
The ADR SD Producer operates PC-independently. All that's needed is a power source.
Status messages and copy progress is displayed on the LCD display.
In order to ensure absolute accuracy of the copied data you can make use of the bit-by-bit compare feature.

High Speed Mass Copy
Each slot has impendent and dedicated channel which support up to 33MB per second bandwidth. It does not matter if your target is 1 SD-Card-or 55 SD-Cards; the target quantity will not effect the copy speed. Smart source analysis feature copies only data area to enhance the copy efficiency.

Copy+Compare Function
Bit by bit compare though hardware after copy guarantees the data copy integrity. It's a fast, reliable and convenient solution.

Asynchronous Copy Technology
Asynchronous copy loads data to buffer memory automatically and allows each slot to copy independently and continuously.

Features of the ADR SD Producer

  • Standalone SD card copier, works completely independently, merely requires a power source
  • Intuitive operation via 4 buttons on LCD screen
  • Real-time process information displayed on LCD screen
  • Supports all SD data formats, sizes and capacities
  • Synchronous and asynchronous copying
  • Up to 33MB/s data transfer
  • Real-time Copy and Compare for 100% data accuracy

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