ADR USB Producer Standalone Duplicator

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ADR USB Producer

Flash media has become an increasingly popular media for distribution applied by various kinds of electronic devices to store and distribute data.

The ADR USB Producer is a standalone, high speed, highly efficient device which provides an easy copy solution. Models ranging from 2 to 118 targets are available to meet different capacity needs of customers. ADR USB Drive Copiers operate without a PC and are therefore more efficient.

High Speed Mass Copy
Each slot has an independent and dedicated channel which supports up to 33MB per second bandwidth. This means that the target quantity will not effect the copy speed even if 118 targets are being written on. The Smart Source Analysis feature copies only the actual data part and thus enhances copy efficiency.

Source: 2G/FAT32, Data:119MB
*The copy speed and time will changed by Flash support speed

Targets PC based Duplicator ADR Duplicator
1 pcs 28 sec 18 sec
10 pcs 3"57sec 18 sec
20 pcs 15"01sec 19 sec
100 pcs - 19 sec

Copy+Compare Function
Bit by bit compare though hardware after copy guarantees the data copy integrity. It's a fast, reliable and convenient solution.

Asynchronous Copy Technology
Asynchronous copy loads data to buffer memory automatically and allows each slot to copy independently and continuously.

ADR USB Producer Key Features:

  • A full range of flash duplicators starting from 2 up to 118 targets.
  • Standalone operation, no need of PC, has no risk of virus infection.
  • High writing speed without bandwidth sharing while copying numerous Flash devices. The maximum speed support up to 33MB per second.
  • Unbeatable compatibility. ADR Flash duplicator has been approved and adopted by many worldwide big name flash devices makers. From high quality to downgrade flash, this duplicator is well experienced and highly compatible.
  • Smart asynchronous copy. For small size content preload job, asynchronous allows non-stop copying by continuously device plug and pull.

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